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Web3 game development made easy

Kickstart your web3 game with the OWNED SDK, and develop NFT games the right way

Save 6-12 months dev time
Up to $400K* saved on salaries
*avg.$100K per developer
Minimal coding required
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Overview of the OWNED SDK with a basic representation of nft marketplace revenue, active users within a web3 game, and multiple blockchains represented. Connected labels describe the SDK’s advantages for game developers, including its simple user interface, seamless interoperable wallet, Unreal Engine & Unity Engine compatibility, and compliance with Epic Games Store, Apple App Store & Google Play Store for Android.

It’s practically plug & play

Our game development SDK is robust, low-maintenance, and can be implemented by any developer from day one.

Develop next-gen play-to-own experiences

Create blockchain games that traditional gamers want to play. Unity & Unreal Engine compatible. No confusing wallets. Fiat payments supported. Player registration using social or email accounts.

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Scrolling description of the advantages of the OWNED SDK for game development, including fiat on-ramps, dynamic NFTs, REST APIs for Unreal Engine & Unity Engine, on-chain & in-game marketplaces, metadata storage on AWS & IPFS, targeted NFT asset drops, and an interoperable multichain wallet.

A complete end-to-end solution

Imagine all of this without needing a single blockchain developer or lengthy development time.

Native multi-chain wallet

Remove the need for players to connect or manage multiple third-party wallets, and have players jump straight into your game with one-click registration.

Custom marketplace creator

Create a custom NFT marketplace in moments. Host it on your own custom domain, and leave OWNED to manage item transactions, new mints.

Tokenomics made easy

Manage in-game virtual currencies, mint tokens in-game or on-chain, and sell them via in-app purchases or the marketplace.

App store compliance

Our game SDK makes your blockchain game compliant with the Epic Game Store, Apple’s App Store & Google Play for Android. Steam is next.

Dynamic NFT games

Use our NFT plugin to assign metadata with utility and create items that can be evolvable, burnt, rented, & staked in-game or on the market.

Overview of the OWNED SDK’s interface, with the current screen displaying NFT assets on auction and marketplace customisation tool games.
Diagram demonstrating the OWNED ecosystem, and how the players of one game combine with the players of other games to create a growing list of players, connected to esports, marketing and games hub.

Instant access to a growing player base

Gain access to the registered players of every game on the OWNED platform through smart recommendation tools, hosted tournaments and targeted campaigns.

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The unix gaming advantage

unix gaming gives you everything you need to develop, market, publish, and scale your web3 game!

Market presence &
player acquisition

Listing on our OWNED platform gives you immediate access to engaged, excited players looking for great games. Know-Your-Gamer (KYG) & Featured billboards enables us to lead registered gamers to your game.

Reduce drop-off,
increase player retention

OWNED wallet integration means players never need to connect an external wallet at any point within our ecosystem, and all NFT assets across 7+ blockchains are available with one log-in. Fewer breaks in gameplay reduces drop-offs and keeps players engaged.

Minimize the risk,
maximize the gains

With support for Unity & Unreal Engine and easy storefront compliance, our SDK reduces the need for internal testing during game development. And, you get support from the team who turned a Discord server into one of the largest play-to-earn guilds in the world.

Grow your reach

First to market ad campaigns and analytical tools to reach the right players for your game.

Targeted campaigns

Create custom airdrop campaigns to target high-value players, market to our growing player base via mailer, or use in-market ad features to attract new users.

Player profiling and segmentation

Find & attract the right players for your web3 game through platform analytics and maximize R.O.I.

Make smarter business decisions

Use a combination of insights from our game SDK and OWNED platform to choose the right next steps to ensure your game’s success.

Partner and backers

To create the best, we had to work with the best in blockchain and game development.

Azure PlayFab, The Sandbox, Azur Games, Fireblocks, Ramp

Ready to simplify and kickstart your web3 game?

Let us talk you through the million+ reasons OWNED is the perfect game development toolkit.

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