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Developing games for the metaverse

We’re 1MHZ Studios. You bring the metaverse, we bring the fun.


Full stack game development studio

Web3 game development

Developing web3 play-to-own experiences that appeal to both mainstream and blockchain gamers.

Creating metaverse experiences

Creating uniquely immersive lands and scenarios within popular metaverses like The Sandbox.

Game SDK provision

Our web3 toolkit does everything you need, including blockchain & wallet integration, NFT minting, player management, and more

What we do

We're transforming the way
games are made on the blockchain

Collaborative game development

We work with you to take your metaverse or game to the next level. Think of it as outsourcing next-gen gameplay experiences.

Unity & Unreal Engine development

To make development as agile as possible, our team specialises in Unity & Unreal Engine development, including Unreal Engine 5.

Empowering future developers

We not only offer paid intern opportunities, but ensure many of our metaverse experiences have educational elements to them.

We design for
the future

1MHZ studio will offer a select number of students paid internships, teaching them various game development disciplines using Unreal Engine in a real production environment. And, to reach even further into the metaverse, many of the experiences we create like in The Sandbox provide educational elements.

From development to explosive growth

Only 1MHZ can boast access to the unix gaming ecosystem. That means working with us puts you in direct contact with the team building OWNED, a web3 gaming platform with tools necessary to put your game in front of the right gamers.

Why choose us?

We’ve got the experience.

Not only does our development team have a decade of experience, but the team at unix gaming raised $30M to create one of the largest P2E guilds, and now they’re the leaders in play-to-own, web3 gaming.

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We prioritise the gamer.

Everything we do prioritises the gaming experience to reduce player drop-off and improve retention.

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Grow your metaverse.

Let us focus on populating your metaverse with great content while you work on the complicated technology of it all.

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Build your game around
our ecosystem

Join the unix gaming ecosystem to speed up your game’s development, simplify web3 & NFT integration, gain access to a growing list of gamers, and accelerate your game’s reach after launch.

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