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Conquering MOBAs: Battle For Giostone x OWNED

Conquering MOBAs: Battle For Giostone x OWNED

Unleash a new Web3 MOBA experience with’s latest partner, Battle For Giostone!
Ameera Rahaman
May 5, 2023
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In for a tale that spans centuries? Battle For Giostone has joined the family to bring the MOBA experience to the Web3 world. 

Like all good MOBA games, Battle For Giostone pits players against each other in 5v5 matches on a 3-lane map lined with objectives players must take in sequence in order to ultimately take the opposition’s base. Where Battle for Giostone differentiates itself, however, is in its heroes.

The game's unique hero mechanics set it apart from traditional MOBA games. Instead of having predefined Heroes with specific roles or playstyles, players can customize their own hero to suit their playstyle. Players start by selecting one of several Hero Classes which act as blank templates and govern stats, attack, and movement. From there, players are able to select from a pool of abilities (currently at 72 and growing), with each Hero having a limited combination of 4 abilities. 

Additionally, each ability corresponds to specific equipment types, making each combination unique. Matches last for 30 minutes, and if no main structures are destroyed in 25 minutes, all the players are teleported to a new location for a sudden death round in a Battle Royale format.

One of the reasons why Unix Gaming strongly believes in Web3 technologies is decentralization, and Battle For Giostone works towards this through their aims to empower their players by giving them a say in how the game will progress. With their dual tokenomics model, players will be rewarded for their time, effort, and skills and will have the ability to truly own their assets, trading them on a marketplace.

Our partnership with Battle of Giostone is a no-brainer because our goals, mission, and vision are aligned to make Web3 gaming seamless and make it feel like a Web2 experience. We're excited to work together to build a community of MOBA players with a love for customisation!

Looking to the future, Battle For Giostone has big plans for updates and expansions to the game. One of the biggest things in the works is the Primal Giostone League, which will have 32 teams made up of 224 players, each team having 5 players and 2 reserves, lasting for 4 months. The League will be divided between Europe and Southeast Asia, with a prize pool of $25,000. Fans can expect over 500 hours of content, complete with hosts, casters, and commentators for every match.

In addition, their upcoming Genesis Heroes is a rare, limited, and exclusive collection with unique in-game benefits. As Battle For Giostone continues to grow, fans from OWNED can expect to evolve with it, and we're excited to see how it will all unfold.

In conclusion, we're excited to partner with the BFG team to bring Battle For Giostone to the Web3 world. The game's unique features will provide an unparalleled experience for players on OWNED. Here's to the future of MOBA gaming in the Web3 era!