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Unix Gaming: Onwards to a New Era

Unix Gaming: Onwards to a New Era

There are a ton of changes incoming for unix gaming, read on to find out!

unix gaming
Ameera Rahaman
Jul 5, 2023
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Citizens of the unixverse! We are so stoked to announce a pivotal transformation in our journey.

As part of our ongoing evolution and commitment to the gaming community, "UniX Gaming Guild" is now rebranded as "Unix Gaming".

This isn't merely a change in name, but a significant shift in our identity and direction. We're moving beyond the guild paradigm and embracing a broader horizon as a fully dedicated Web3 gaming ecosystem. This transformation symbolizes our unwavering dedication to serve gamers in the unique ways we specialize.

The key elements of our community, such as our commitment to creating exceptional gaming experiences, remain at the forefront of our mission. unix gaming will continue to push boundaries, foster innovation, and prioritize our gamers.

In conjunction with this rebranding, we're implementing comprehensive changes to our Discord community. Reflecting our new identity, our Discord will become a thriving hub for gaming discussions, updates, and round-the-clock support.

As part of this transformation, we're announcing the closure of "Final Round." We've decided to redirect our focus towards the exciting future of unix gaming. Amid these dynamic shifts, our commitment remains clear: to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience and foster a thriving community for our gamers - our platform, As we journey into this landscape full of untapped potential, our sights are set on the next couple of years. 

The closure of "Final Round" represents our focus on forward momentum, as we navigate towards the promising future of Web3 gaming. Additionally, in the spirit of innovation, may soon unveil a new feature, designed to further elevate your gaming experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the update.

To fully embrace the future of gaming, we are pioneering a content creator economy with OWNED. This innovative portal serves as an ideal tool for user acquisition - from launch, to NFT trading, and exploring a vast array of web3 games. By 2024, we aim to broaden our horizons even further, incorporating web2 games to cater to a wider audience.

Despite the current market downturn, our resolve remains unyielding. We’re committed to strengthening our community, fostering collaborations, and enhancing the intrinsic value of our main platform, This proactive approach keeps us poised for success in both current and forthcoming market landscapes.

Thank you for your continued trust and support as we embark on this thrilling new chapter. Here's to the future of unix gaming - reimagined, redefined, and relentlessly driven for you.

We invite you to stay engaged and grow with us through these changes. Follow our official social media channels below to remain updated with all the latest news and announcements from unix gaming.

Further, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist. Experience first-hand our dedication to revolutionizing the gaming landscape and be a part of this exciting gaming revolution.

Join us on this incredible odyssey towards a new era. Game on!

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