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Reimagining Tokenomics: Towards brighter pastures with the Unix Team

Reimagining Tokenomics: Towards brighter pastures with the Unix Team

Onwards to a future with transparency, trust, and innovation!

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Migs Jamero
Jul 28, 2023
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In a bold move of transparency and trust, the unix gaming team has opted to release all Seed and Private Round Unix tokens, allowing the free market to determine their value. This decision is a reflection of our conviction that over a vesting period of approximately eighteen months, the token price is expected to stabilize.

The rationale behind our approach is simple: it's our commitment to fostering a robust and fair trading environment, driven by the principles of demand and supply.

An integral part of this transition is the active role of the team's advisor who previously led the token raise. As the Unix ecosystem steers toward a bull market, our advisor’s seasoned expertise will be invaluable in navigating the path ahead. 

The unix gaming team wants to make it clear: we have not wavered in our dedication to the core mission of the project. Unlike other blockchain ventures that may have pivoted to a new focus outside of web3 gaming, unix gaming remains firmly anchored in our original intent. We strive to remain a steadfast beacon in the volatile seas of the cryptocurrency landscape.

The unix gaming team holds an optimistic view of the market dynamics. We believe that the onset of a bull market is imminent, which, paired with their strategic maneuvers, could potentially yield significant growth for unix gaming.

Finally, we share a resolute confidence in the success of our platform, OWNED. This change in token supply, we believe, is merely a step towards a more vibrant and fair ecosystem. The new token supply details will be updated on prominent crypto-tracking platforms, including Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Keep an eye out for the live announcement to track these changes real-time.

In conclusion, the unix gaming team's approach to releasing all tokens is not just a testament to our trust in the market, but also a sign of our unwavering commitment to the community of token holders. This decision is more than just a strategic move — it's a step towards a transparent, equitable, and prosperous future in the Unix ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this remarkable journey, as we redefine the narrative of the decentralized web.

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