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UGC meets Web3: ArchLoot x OWNED

UGC meets Web3: ArchLoot x OWNED

With a long lineup of partnerships, and many more to come, let’s welcome ArchLoot to the family!
Ameera Rahaman
May 12, 2023
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Archloot is a unique user-generated content (UGC) NFT game that utilizes blockchain technology to provide an interactive gameplay experience. Launched in 2022, it has already garnered significant attention in the gaming industry, backed by names like Binance NFT and raising $17 million in funds.

ArchLoot offers players the opportunity to build their avatars using an NFT gallery and explore a dungeon crawl pattern with exciting battles. 

The game's unique feature is its Dynamic NFT protocol, which allows players to own and control their assets. Additionally, it offers a range of elements such as the Frame Color, Serial Number, and Attribute Value, which provides players with a dynamic and personalized gaming experience.

The game is aimed at MMO and RP fans, as well as those who love creating, experimenting, exploring, and collecting. As a mobile-focused game, our team loves how accessible it is to players all around the globe.

ArchLoot's future updates include an improved PvP matchmaking system, additional instances for players to explore, new body parts designed by the team and players, and additional stats to existing body parts. The game intends to build an ecosystem, including a great game and a creative community that truly achieves a balance between playability, accessibility, and profitability, making it an ideal partner for our gaming lineup!

In conclusion, ArchLoot's partnership with OWNED and Unix Gaming is a significant step towards building a strong community around UGC NFT gaming. ArchLoot's unique use of blockchain and other web3 technologies provides a dynamic and personalized gaming experience, setting it apart from other blockchain games. With its constant updates and improvements, ArchLoot is poised to develop a dedicated community of fans!

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