Creating Thriving Ecosystems: Legends of Elysium x

Creating Thriving Ecosystems: Legends of Elysium x

The next hotly anticipated game to feature on is the strategic trading card game Legends of Elysium.
Ameera Rahaman
Apr 4, 2023
min read

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It’s another great day to discuss one of our newest partners and a game we’re thrilled to feature on at launch. Today, we’re talking about the Trading Card/Board Game hybrid with gorgeous art Legends of Elysium.

Legends of Elysium is a free-to-play Web3 game incorporating blockchain and NFTs to allow players to own and trade their assets, like cards. That means players can collect, trade, buy, sell or do whatever they want with their cards – a lot like players still do to this day with physical TCGs (trading card games). But, Legends of Elysium also wants to shake up the way card games traditionally play.

Instead of a static play space, the hexagonal board players compete on changes with play – it’s dynamic and adds a refreshing strategic element. It’s like playing a board game, perhaps even a chess match, and your game pieces are your cards. The board even includes special fields with randomly generated one-time bonuses. 

By making their game free-to-play, the Legends of Elysium team want to eliminate any major barriers to entry, making it easier for Web2 gamers or gamers on a budget to play and compete. There is no need to have any blockchain knowledge to start playing, as the game incorporates multiple features that Web2 players are already familiar with, such as SSO logins using Google and fiat payments with debit/credit cards. 

The team's vision for success is a world where gamers have full control of their assets and are rewarded for the time they spend playing games and contributing to the gaming community. It’s a vision we can get behind. Gamers shouldn’t be divided by allegiances to Web2 or Web3 games; they’re simply technologies that enable different types of gaming experiences. But first we need games like Legends of Elysium to demonstrate that Web3 gaming can be great fun.  

Our partnership with Legends of Elysium is about creating a thriving game ecosystem for players of all types. Together, we can introduce the game to a wider audience and promote the benefits of blockchain and NFTs in the gaming ecosystem. The team at Legends of Elysium, much like Unix Gaming, believes in inclusivity across gaming and has plans to educate Web2 players about the benefits of a Web3 gaming ecosystem.

The game's use of Web3 technologies, such as tokens and NFTs, enhances the player experience and provides gamers with full control over their assets. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, they believe that blockchain technology will play a significant role in shaping the industry's future.

To stay tuned for more updates about our partnership, sign up for the waitlist at, where we will continue to explore Legends of Elysium and other fantastic games like it!