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Unix ecosystem update: 2023 is a big one for us

Unix ecosystem update: 2023 is a big one for us

Unix is evolving. This is a theme we’ve been hinting at for the past few months and alluded to once again in last week's inaugural blog post. Let’s dig a little deeper into where we are going, and why we chose these directions
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Mathew Paul
Dec 16, 2022
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Unix is evolving. This is a theme we’ve been hinting at for the past few months and alluded to once again in last week's inaugural blog post. Let’s dig a little deeper into where we are going, and why we chose these directions. 

First of all, we are not exiting the Guild space completely. We continue to manage existing assets and have a team dedicated to staying up to date on the Play-to-Earn / Play-to-Own / Web3 gaming space as it pertains to the Guild model. We are bullish that Guilds are here to stay, so keeping diligent with our current assets and looking for opportunities to expand/offload is part of our overall strategy. If we believe a game has legs and room for long-term growth, it’s one that we will happily invest in. And when we do, you’ll know about it. 

But, market volatility also made us realize that having all our eggs in one basket was a poor strategy. This is what spurred our evolution. We have pivoted from Guild-only, to a full-blown Web3 ecosystem. But what the heck does that mean?

OWNED, Web3 & Web2 Playing Together

At Unix, we are gamers first. Not Blockchain gamers, not mobile gamers, not traditional gamers, but gamers; period. We wanted a platform that represents us. Enter, OWNED. We are positioning OWNED to be our flagship product at Unix Gaming. We intend it to be a place of discovery for the best games, Web2 or Web3. We don’t believe in the divisive nature of either/or in our industry and think that most gamers are like us - they just want to play good games. We think the next 6-12 months will blur the lines between Web2 and Web3 game quality, and we want to be at the forefront of discovery within this blur. 

Our metaverse game development studio, 1MHZ, will now roll up into OWNED. It will focus on metaverse games that are fun and sustainable. This includes building our own games as well as partnering with other studios to help build out theirs. On top of this, education and upskilling game developers will also be a key focus for 1 MHZ because opportunity is much more abundant than talent. You can expect to hear some more noise from our game studio soon, right now we are quietly building in the background - which is kind of a theme over here at Unix. 

Lastly, Final Round, our IDO/INO launchpad, will also roll up into OWNED. With Final Round, we target high-quality games that are looking for an audience and initial traction. Our team has the expertise to spot quality and we want to bring the very best games to our audience first. Final Round will start accepting applications in Q1 2023.  

Yaga Games, Onboarding the Masses to Web3 Mobile Gaming

Although we made it clear that we are gamers first, we also believe in making calculated bets based on the data. The data:

  • Mobile gaming is eating the entertainment space alive, and
  • Web3 is disrupting traditional gaming incentive models

Yaga Games looks to capitalize on both by releasing a Web3 mobile game development studio and SDK. The highlights:

  • Partnered with a mobile gaming studio w/ over 50M downloads
  • Key partnerships w/ biggest mobile publishers in the world
  • Invisible wallet tech for seamless onboarding
  • Fully integrated game marketplace
  • User acquisition tech and performance marketing expertise for rapid growth
  • 15-minute blockchain layer integration 
  • $1M IMX grant, AWS 2022 Startup, $100K Google Cloud grant

Let’s leave it there for now, expect a BIG update in Q1 2023.

Unix Token

We have not forgotten about our earliest supporters - the token holders. We realize that all of these components in our ecosystem can provide additional utility for the Unix token. However, we will not take this step lightly. No matter how great your product is, history proves that if your tokenomics or utility are unfavorable, then you are DOA. So as we build out the ecosystem, we are diligently exploring models for token integration that bring value to existing and future holders. As we progress, you will be the first to know. Longevity is paramount. 


So yes, we’ve been busy - busy building during the bear. We want an ecosystem that is more resilient to the hyper volatility of this space. We believe our efforts during this downturn will be fruitful during the next inevitable bull market run, but that is not what we’re aiming for. We’re building a robust ecosystem with hopes of being well-positioned for the next 10-20 years, not just the next bull run. We’re in it for the long haul and extend an invitation for you to join us.