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You got OWNED: The future of web3 gaming

You got OWNED: The future of web3 gaming

OWNED is a revolutionary gaming platform in its simplicity. It empowers gamers to find quality games in the emerging world of web3 and provides developers with an efficient way to market their web3 games and grow their active players.
Ameera Rahaman
Jan 12, 2023
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Citizens of the Unixverse, we hope you’ve had a great holiday season and start to the new year! 2023 promises to be filled with incredible updates here at unix gaming, starting with our latest announcement, OWNED!

What is OWNED

Here at unix gaming, we believe the lines between web2 (traditional) and web3 gaming will become increasingly blurred in 2023. We want to be at the forefront of these crossroads. With that in mind, we’re ecstatic to announce our very own gaming platform, OWNED.

OWNED is a revolutionary gaming platform in its simplicity. It empowers gamers to find quality games in the emerging world of web3 and provides developers with an efficient way to market their web3 games and grow their active players.

It brings together the best of both worlds - the convenience of having the best web3 games in one place, and the ability to discover new and exciting titles from up-and-coming developers. By combining traditional gaming practices with cutting-edge blockchain technology, OWNED is creating an experience that is both immersive and engaging. 


OWNED is being developed by the team here at unix gaming, the people who spun a Discord server into a $30M raise and one of the largest P2E guilds, and this is definitely our proudest development yet. With its intuitive design and powerful tools, OWNED is carving out its niche in the future of web3 gaming as we evolve from play-to-earn (P2E) to play-to-own (P2O).

While on OWNED, users can discover, rate and review a vast library of games from all genres and styles; trade in-game items and digital collectibles (NFTs) on our marketplace; earn achievements; engage with friends; and so much more. 

As important as users are, OWNED is also about empowering developers and publishers. Descriptive product pages, performance metrics, convenient community updates, seamless item minting, marketplace integration, and other awesome features are just some of the tools available to platform vendors. Additionally, the platform includes features such as easy registration (SSO) and integrated fiat payments (including Apple Pay & Google Pay) for seamless onboarding of new users. 

Whether you’re a gamer, collector, developer or publisher, you can be sure there’s something for you on OWNED. That’s just the beginning.

What’s Next for OWNED

OWNED is on the verge of metamorphosis this coming year. 1MHZ, our metaverse game development studio, will be rolling up into OWNED. We hope to bring our vision of fun, sustainable metaverse games to life. 

With future partnerships with other studios and developers, you can be sure there will be many amazing game experiences to come. We also want to use this channel to educate budding developers along the way, because talent is best honed with opportunities.

Our IDO/INO Launchpad, Final Round, will also be rolled up into OWNED, giving our gamers access to an expertly curated selection of games looking to gain traction and build an audience. We’ll share more on OWNED’s launchpads as we approach the platform’s launch. 

We know many have also asked about the future of the unix gaming token, which is why we’re happy to report that we’re exploring a variety of ways to incorporate it into our platform. The goal will always be to provide genuine utility and reward systems that will help you make the most out of your time here in web3.

With unix gaming’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, OWNED is set to revolutionize the gaming industry and provide our audience with an unforgettable experience! 

So what are you waiting for? Come check us out on all our socials, and register your interest to get the latest news, early access, and more.

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