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By gamers, for gamers: BLOCKLORDS x OWNED

By gamers, for gamers: BLOCKLORDS x OWNED

Join the Crusade for the Throne with our partner, medieval Strategy MMO BLOCKLORDS! You might even win something.
Ameera Rahaman
May 11, 2023
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For those who yearn for the intrigue and power struggles of courtly life in their video games, the long wait is finally over. BLOCKLORDS, the first web3-powered grand strategy game, has arrived to the OWNED gamerverse!

BLOCKLORDS has officially launched and is now available for conquest in its Community Beta version! This special event will run for a month, inviting users to experience the game's inaugural edition, complete with villages and ruling mechanics. The full game release is scheduled for later this year!

For a limited time, new users who sign up for BLOCKLORDS will receive a FREE Hero and gain access to the game at no cost. They can also participate in Season Missions to have a chance at winning a limited edition Militia unit for the game's first battle expansion. And if you happen to be part of the OWNED community, there's an additional treat in store for you!

Brace yourselves for all the political scheming, dynastic politics, and epic battles of your favorite TV shows and video games!

As a player-driven medieval grand strategy game, BLOCKLORDS offers an unmatched experience that allows players to shape the world and narrative through their decisions and skills.

With several play styles to choose from, including farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling, players can forge their own destiny as their Hero. The game's innovative gameplay mechanics and player-powered economy make it a thrilling and immersive experience that will keep strategy fans coming back for more!

Strategy gamers and MMO players are set to make the most of a full player-owned economy, multiple playable roles, and sophisticated lore, setting it apart from other blockchain games.

One of the game's most unique features is its permadeath dynasty simulator through political warfare and family politics. Players can raid and conquer their enemies with epic battles to rule the land, collect taxes from the people, and carefully allocate them to fund city needs. 

Take the meaning of ‘cooperate or annihilate’ to new heights!

We love BLOCKLORDS' innovative use of web3 technologies to enhance the player experience. All Heroes within the game are digital assets, and players get to define their value by their in-game progress.

BLOCKLORD’s goal for the game's success is for players to experience it as a game first by striking the balance between incentive and high-fidelity entertainment experiences.

Here at OWNED, we are built by gamers, for gamers, much like the team over at BLOCKLORDS. We look forward to working with them to build a community as web3 going AAA. We believe that BLOCKLORDS is going to be a big hit and are excited about its future updates and expansions, as well as its growing community.

Don’t miss your chance to claim exclusive giveaway rewards! Join the BLOCKLORDS community beta now and secure your spot at the royal table. As a special offer for OWNED community members, BLOCKLORDS is giving away 25 Hunters and free Farmer NFTs!

Click the link here to participate in the giveaway. Hurry, limited quantities available!

Sign up for the waitlist at to find out more about BLOCKLORDS and other awesome games like Shatterpoint, Legends of Elysium, and Decimated.