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Shatterpoint is ready to join the Unixverse

Shatterpoint is ready to join the Unixverse expands its launch repertoire with an epic mobile gaming experience, Shatterpoint! It's a partnership that benefits everyone.
Ameera Rahaman
Apr 20, 2023
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After recently announcing’s partnership with Shatterpoint, the free-to-play (F2P), free-to-own (F2O), skill-based action RPG mobile game, we’re delighted to explore more of this epic game. 

Packed with unique seasonal content, tradable NFT assets, tournaments, and special events, we think Shatterpoint could appeal to both Web3 enthusiasts and traditional gamers with a love for competition and action RPGs.

Shatterpoint is not just any other game; it's a game making waves in the mobile gaming industry by providing both PVE & PVP aspects that keep players engaged and competitive. The team’s primary goal is to create an entertaining, engaging, and involving game that will capture players' attention and set the benchmark for future games, the way we prioritize gameplay over anything else here at OWNED. Their secondary goal is to create an ecosystem where players can participate in community events, own their digital assets, and have a say in decisions that will help to improve the game.

One of the game's unique features is the "Shattering," which happens at the end of each season. During this phenomenon, the in-game universe collapses in on itself, resetting all heroes to their introductory levels. Existing players keep their Runes and game resources, while all collected equipment is dismantled into Equipment Shards, giving them an advantage over new players.

Shatterpoint utilizes the blockchain to enhance the player experience. Owning a Founder Hero guarantees players all future airdrops structured around the Founder Hero collection and the earliest possible access to the game. Founder Heroes also have a unique aesthetic in-game appearance and provide other benefits, such as improved chances to unlock legendary traits. Founders gain many other privileges out of the game, such as access to Collectors Discord channels, exclusive tournament access, and more.

Our partnership with Shatterpoint will help us continue breaking barriers for web3 gaming. The game was developed by BlockGames Co-founder Estoty, a leading European game studio and the minds behind cult classic mobile games like 2048, My Little Universe, and Squad Alpha.

Did you know? Shatterpoint was the first-ever Polygon chain project minted on Magic Eden and was put in the spotlight during the mint by both the ME senior leadership team and Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal! Their post-mint campaign was designed by their talented in-house marketing team and a Harvard professor - #PuzzlesToThePortal.

Our collaboration with Shatterpoint is going places! We believe that our partnership will enable us to provide the OWNED community with an entertaining game but also an ecosystem where players can participate and have a say in shaping the game’s future. 

Want in? You can join the waitlist at to stay tuned for more updates about our collaboration with Shatterpoint and other fantastic titles like Pulsar, Legends of Elysium, and Decimated.