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Conquering Galaxies and Beyond: Earth From Another Sun x OWNED

Conquering Galaxies and Beyond: Earth From Another Sun x OWNED

Ready to join this ambitious MMOFPS game's ever-evolving galaxy? We sure hope so because there's a lot to be excited about.
Ameera Rahaman
Apr 26, 2023
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With the cultural resurgence the sci-fi genre has been experiencing thanks to the likes of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune and the return of Star Trek, we thought there’s no better time to talk about our newest gaming partner, the Web3 MMOFPS Earth From Another Sun!

With a name like Earth From Another Sun (EFAS), you might expect an adventure in outer space, and you’d be correct. In fact, Earth From Another Sun promises an open, ever-changing galaxy to explore and plenty to do along the way, a lot of which will be all-new experiences for even veteran sci-fi enthusiasts.

One of the things that sets EFAS apart from other space sandboxes is its unique combination of FPS exploration and combat and a grand strategy – specifically being able to command your grown army of troops and vehicles. But where the game really shines is its willingness to let go of the reins and let players create their own experiences. 

The EFAS team wants the community to be as involved in the creation of the game world as they are when playing in it. To do that, they’re developing several creation tools players can use to create new content for the game: we’re talking NPCs, items, quests and even whole worlds. And of course players will be rewarded for being a part of this journey.

It's not just another game that makes Web3 mechanics monotonous or convoluted; go mine this thing to earn this token. Instead, it utilizes blockchain and other Web3 technologies to reward players with tokens and NFTs for their creativity. These rewards can be owned and traded as part of the game’s galaxy-wide economy. 

There’s actually a lot to EFAS to talk about, more than we can cover in one blog, like Ascendance AI, an AI system designed to ensure the galaxy is filled with NPCs going about their business. We’re especially curious how the system handles player created content.

For our part, we’re excited to help grow a large player base comprising both Web3 and Web2 players and create a vibrant community that's ready for exciting titles like EFAS. And, partnering with EFAS to create new collections and experiences that both our communities will enjoy is a brilliant step in the right direction.

We know that the gaming industry is constantly evolving, and we're committed to bringing ever-evolving experiences that will keep players coming back for more. We can't wait to see how the game and its community evolve over time and the exciting updates and expansions that will come.

Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the growing OWNED community. There’s a whole Unixverse out there to explore after all.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Stay tuned for the waitlist to keep up with EFAS and other awesome games like Shatterpoint, Legends of Elysium, and Decimated.